Assembly on our school chant, "Aia I Ka Poli o Makiki"

Written by Alyssa and Keira

Today, October 19, 2018,  Kukunaokalā shared the meaning of Aia I Ka Poli O Makiki at Assembly. Mrs. Mullen shared the story of how Aia I Ka Poli O Makiki was gifted to our school. Mrs. Inouye introduced Mrs. Mullen to Mr. Kamahele, a parent at Hanahau‘oli, in 1993. Mrs. Mullen listened to the song over and over and each time she loved it more and more. She really thought that it resembled Hanahau‘oli very well. So, 25 years ago, Aia I Ka Poli O Makiki was gifted to our school by Mr. Kamahele.  

Next Mrs. Mullen shared how he created this song. He was at an event at the school and heard faint singing coming from children and adults communicating and working together and it reminded him of birds. When Kukunaokalā children learned this song, Uncle Blair took them into the forest to learn the real meaning and to hear the birds that Mr. Kamahele may have heard.

After Mrs. Mullen shared, the Kukunaokalā children presented how they interpreted the song, Aia I Ka Poli O Makiki, here at Hanahau‘oli.

  • I Ka uluwehi i kanahele:  the lush green forest.

  • Ua ho‘o malu i ka ulu kukui: protected under our trees.

  • I ka home launa na hoa aloha, our school home for us, come teaches and helpers.

  • Eo mai Eo Amakihi, Answer me I call to Amakihi.

  • Eo mai Eo Elepaio, Answer me I call to Elepaio.

  • Eo mai Eo Apapane, Answer me I call to Apapane.

  • Eo mai, Eo na hoa aloha e, means I call to my special friends.

Then they reminded us to always remember to sing it with kindness and aloha!