hui hanahau‘oli

Hui Hanahau‘oli is the parent organization at Hanahau‘oli School.  The Hui is organized as part of the School and comprises all parents and guardians of current Hanahau‘oli students.  The Hui serves to foster camaraderie among Hanahau‘oli families and support the mission of the School through social events, fundraisers, projects, and its general membership meetings. The Hui, through its vice president, also assists with the selection and coordination of the room parents for each of the classes.  General membership meetings are held at least twice during the School year, once in the fall and once in the spring. A copy of the Hui’s Policies and Procedures is available in the School office.

The Hui holds several fundraisers and membership meetings each year to support school programs. Check out the School Calendar or the Hanahau‘oli Parent Portal for more information.