Multiage environment

Because Hanahau‘oli believes that school and life should not be separate, it is organized as a multiage school rather than a graded school. This organization recognizes that children develop at different rates and levels of readiness and focuses on children’s continuous growth as the objective. And, it reflects the way communities are organized where people of different ages work, play and socialize together whether it be on the soccer field, as a member of a club or in the workplace.


While JK and 6th Grade are self-contained groups as entry and exit points, the remainder of the groups are organized as combined classrooms: Grades K/1; 2/3; 4/5. This allows for maximizing challenge for all and giving more time where needed for children to revisit concepts/skills.  Children in these classes are combined and re-combined into learning groups based upon interests, shared needs, collaborative skills, friendships and the diversity of their talents. The curriculum is designed as a two-year cycle with new but related content in each.


Children spend two years with a team of teachers who get to know them well and can share their observations in support of individual learners. Families, too, benefit from this organization as they establish longer- term relationships with teachers in support of their children’s growth. This organization also broadens the friendship possibilities for children and allows them to alternate between years as students new to a group and those continuing who assume the roles of leaders.

“Multiage learning is the best! When you come into a new grade, you’re learning from older kids and then after you learn, you get to reflect and teach others what you’ve learned.”
— Alumna from the Class of 2019