The Mission of our school

Hanahau‘oli is dedicated to educational excellence by making learning exciting, challenging and enjoyable. It validates childhood and the way children learn as a foundation for life-long learning.

Hanahau‘oli is committed to learning by doing. It integrates the essential skills and concepts of the basic disciplines. It promotes critical and creative thinking, and emphasizes the important role of the arts as an expression of self and culture.

The learning environment also integrates school life with the home and world, and encourages partnerships within the community.

The Hanahau‘oli child develops as a unique individual, with a deep sense of groundedness, demonstrated by a respect and responsibility to self and others, within a diverse and global society.

The simple values of hard work, collaboration, and imagination that Hanahau‘oli embodies gave me an understanding about how to make the world a better place.

Alumnus, 2001

our Beliefs

The family is the first, and foremost educator of children; the school seeks to create a close connection between home and school and expects direct parent involvement in a child’s school experience.

Children construct meaning by interacting directly with their world: therefore, school experiences should build on this natural way of learning.

Children demonstrate different strengths and develop at different rates: therefore, flexibility and differentiated expectations characterize a good learning environment.

Real-life problems and situations offer the best means for developing useful skills and understandings.

Hanahau‘oli’s program addresses the cognitive, socio-emotional and physical development of each child.

The school seeks to reflect the diversity of the larger society and is a suitable setting in which to teach children to become productive members of democratic communities.

Hanahau‘oli seeks to provide an excellent education for its own children and can serve as a model and source of innovation for other schools.