Calling all talent! Friday, October 12 Talent Show at Assembly

Written by Sawyer and Aiden

This assembly was the year’s first talent show!

The performers names were: Vivian, Olivia, Stephanie, Aiden, Noah, Lyric, Danika, Drew, Finn, Mason, Brady, Arabella, Lilyana, Penelope, and Livia. The performances ranged from an entomologist sharing her live bug collection, to singing, dancing, a comedy skit, playing the piano, and a Lacrosse demonstration. There was something for everybody!

The talent was amazing!  Vivian, Oliva and Stephanie did a dance to the song, This is Me.  Aiden and Noah did a classic comedy baseball skit with a play on words that was so funny. Danika sang a tune from Peter Pan called Lost Boys that was danced by Lyric.  Arabella played Fountain in the Rain by William Gillock on the piano.  Two more dancers, Drew and Finn, choreographed a dance to Despacito.  Our entomologist, Lilyana, had beetles, cockroaches, and even a baby centipede.  She picked them up with her own hands to share them and her passion for bugs!  Brady and Mason did a video demonstration on Lacrosse. Penelope sang a song from Frozen and Livia closed the assembly by playing our school song!

Once these performers shared their talents, the audience was astounded, they clapped and cheered. We personally think that this talent sharing went very well. We think this assembly connects to our Sixth Grade lives because we are learning and sharing about each other just like what we did at Camp Mokuleia and how we bonded as a class. 

 These are our thoughts on this week’s assembly.