Slipper Toss

The slipper toss is a longstanding tradition here at Hanahau‘oli School where all of the students, faculty, staff, and parents toss one slipper up in the air culminating the last day of the school year. It's a fun and refreshing way to say, "mahalo!" to a great year and let's all have a safe and happy summer.

Kulaiwi Goes Voyaging

“All hands on deck!” defined Kulaiwi’s learning voyage to discover our Island Home.  With Nainoa Thompson, Polynesian Voyaging Society volunteers, and their teachers as their navigators, Kulaiwi students set sail on the Hikianalia to culminate their year-long study of the ocean, marine biology, and geology. Children excitedly embraced the opportunity to practice their voyaging skills, focusing on observing, feeling, listening, and cooperating.  Special thanks to the creators of the video: Kainoa (‘20) and Kepano Kekuewa.

2017 Stepping Stones Ceremony

Step, step, stepping stones... follow me across the stones! What a beautiful day to celebrate our 6thgraders as they revealed their stepping stones in the courtyard today. As Mr. Shin prepared to release his homing pigeons, Mrs. G-W took the opportunity to convey that as they get ready to take flight, Hanahau‘oli School will always be a home for them to return to.

“I learned how to work together in JK and how to move on in 6th Grade. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Life is a journey, not a destination” While I am sure we will all remember this graduation day, what we really appreciate are the steps it took to get here.” - Alumna, c/o 2017