Why We Celebrate Labor Day

Why We Celebrate Labor Day Assembly with Ms. Gabby

By: Lyric ’20

Today was our 3rd assembly! Today, our walk in song was I Am What I Am, followed by Makenzie and Ada sharing their birthday books. Our thought of the day was Pu Pu Kahi I Holomua - Unite To Move Forward. Ms. Gabby took over the assembly. First, we discussed what labor means and why we celebrate Labor Day. Part of why we celebrate Labor Day is to acknowledge that today children get to go to school and play during recess, but back then (early 20th Century and earlier) they had to work. We also compared the differences between a photo which took place in 1901 and a photo in 2019. After Ms. Gabby read a book called “Harvesting - Hope; A Tale of Cesar Chavez” it happens to not be a birthday book too. (It’s a good book to choose!). Harvesting Hope was about Cesar Chavez and having to move his farm because of a drought. After he quit school and had to work at a farm for money but didn’t get enough money. So he started a strike and many people joined as they were walking towards the California capital. Eventually they arrived with 10,000 people and celebrated that they would get a raise in pay and more freedom. We reflected on the story when Ms. Gabby finished reading. Then, as always, we sang our school song!