Jump for Joy!!

By Tyler and Kahn

Week of 3/11/19

This week’s assembly was the second half of the Jump Rope Assembly. One third of the assembly was for Kulāiwi, the second was for Po‘e Ka‘ahele, and the third was for Sixth Grade. Kulāiwi had an amazing time with Olivia, Jessie, Summit, Cappy, Drew, and Havana doing their routine. Next Pulama, and Lea jumped the wheel. Then, Taino, Brady, and Nathan performed the Fireball. Cooper, Gabby, Ryder, Zane, Taylor, and Petra did a quick round of speed jump. Lastly, Taino, Finn, and Nathan blasted through some double-unders.

Po‘e Ka‘ahele showed off some of their cool routines from each of the different homegroups. Next they showed off some static double dutch which is two long ropes turning at the same time. And finally they did a speed jump.

Sixth Grade came in with lots of enthusiasm with some awesome routines. Then they showed off some wowing double-unders. Then they also showed some yowzing double dutch. Then a few kids did a speed jump. And finally the whole class of 2019 did a game of Miss Bisket. The assembly was a big success.