Kulāiwi's Ocean Creature Assembly on January 25, 2019

Assembly Blog

January 25, 2019

Eva and Miya  

In the Pavilion this week, Kulāiwi presented their Ocean Creature Assembly. The Kulāiwi students got to explore the Waikiki Aquarium, visit the beach to view a sea lion, explore Hanauma Bay, and enter the public library to gather information on their research topic. The students researched a variety of different animals, such as seahorses, dolphins, sharks, whales, and more! We learned how Kulāiwi got to pet a turtle’s shell, check out over three hundred public library books, and create Gyotaku art by stamping real fish on rice paper! Kulāiwi appreciated Ms. Okano and Ceila’s grandmother for their help through the process of making watercolor sea creature paintings! To learn more about each others research animal, the Kulāiwi students passed around a ball of yarn. They found ways to connect the creatures together and found that all of them had so many relations. To close the assembly, the Kulāiwi students sang a Hawaiian song. We thought their presentation was very interesting and fun. We can’t wait for many more assemblies to come!