BEE-autiful Kukunaokalā Assembly

Kukunaokalā’s Bee Assembly

By Ava ’20

What a bee-utiful assembly Kukunaokalā (K-1) students performed for us. This assembly was based on our bees in the rainbow house, there was a hive living under a plank that was producing new bees every day. Kukunaokalā produced detailed drawings about bees, punts, a mini-play and had great costumes. I learned that it takes one bee 42 days to make 7 drops of honey, I am wondering how much time it takes to make a full bottle of delicious honey. I also learned that a queen bee can lay 2,000 eggs in one day! After Kukunaokalā laid all of the facts down they introduced a beekeeper they called Aunty Jasmine. She helped take the bees out of the rainbow house by finding the queen and without hurting any one of them.  Aunty Jasmine was at the assembly to answer any other questions that we had. There were a lot of questions, to a very interesting topic. Bees are a very wonderful insects to have in this society. If not for them, we would have almost no fruit as bees are responsible for pollinating flowers and we couldn’t enjoy smooth and sweet honey. I hope that everyone understands the impact and importance for humans.