6th Grade Camp at Camp Mokuleia

Camp Mokuleia is the special way for the 6th graders to start off the school year!

Assembly Blog

September 28, 2018

Hello! Our names are Star and Matthew. Our most recent Sixth Grade performance was the Sixth-Grade Camp Assembly. In this presentation we split up into five groups: group A, B, C, D, and E. Each group did one of the trust exercises we did during camp. A did the Trust Fall, B did Toxic Pond, C did Giant's Finger, D did Wireless Communication, and E did Half Pipe. In preparing for the assembly, most of the groups had to find objects that were similar to the tools we used at camp. Since the objects were different than what we had at camp, we had to figure out how to make the activity as challenging as it was at camp. We used our acting skills along with our courage and responsibility to show what we did at camp without giving away the experience. We all enjoyed sharing our knowledge from camp to get the other kids excited for their future Mokule'ia experience.