Thematic Inquiry-Based
Teaching & Learning

Teaching and learning at Hanahau‘oli starts with questions, from students, teachers, and the community at-large. The emphasis of all school activities is around learning how to think (e.g. critical thinking, complex thinking, creative thinking, etc.). Students learn by doing! Most inquiry is learner-centered and carried out in a classroom community of inquiry. The inquiry is situated within real world opportunities and problems. An essential ingredient for education is learning how to solve problems and knowing the resources available to do so. Error making is a primary tool for learning and should be capitalizedack upon. Knowledge is not static and factual information does not make a knowledgeable person; understandings which allow one to use factual information are necessary to learning. The purpose of inquiry is rooted in the desire to create a better future society. Inquiry is facilitated by learning trips in the community and parent involvement. Assessment focuses on student reflection and teacher feedback on projects/productions/products. A students’ healthy self-concept results from rewarding creative thinking, recognizing accomplishments, facilitating realistic assessment of strengths and weaknesses and helping children to identify how they learn.