School Culture & Community

The Hanahau‘oli School culture and community is guided by the following principles:

  • School structures, practices, and daily routines should model ideal democratic “community life” and a socially just society on a small scale.

  • The “community of inquiry,” in which social relationships are central to the learning process (social constructivism) is fundamental to teaching and learning throughout the school day. Students and teachers engage in co-inquiry as they construct knowledge together.

  • Relationships at school are built on empathy, kindness, inclusiveness, cooperation, and respect for diversity.

  • The small school size ensures that everyone in the community knows one another and appreciates each individual's unique place and contribution to the community.

  • Traditions and rituals are established to define school culture and build community (e.g. Makahiki, Stepping Stones, Birthday Books, etc.).

  • School structures support the school culture and community (e.g. multi-age classrooms, assembly, flag, classroom groupings).

  • The school culture and community is collaborative rather than competitive.

  • Parents and community partners are integral to building and maintaining the school culture and community (e.g. learning trips, in-class teaching experiences, and hui events).

  • Social-emotional learning at Hanahau‘oli School is a thoughtfully integrated component in all of the above structures and daily practices.