The Arts, Music, Physical World Lab,
World Language, Digital Literacy
& Physical Education


Visual art, music, poetry, dance and movement, constructing and making things in a physical world lab, acquiring a world language, digital literacy, and physical education all make school meaningful at Hanahau‘oli. The concepts, processes and skills in each discipline are taught as a foundation for creative self-expression and connection-making as children study classroom units. Children are offered a studio experience in visual arts which includes a variety of media from drawing, painting and sculpture, to weaving and design. Problem solving is the focus as children learn to observe carefully and investigate the creative process. Music emphasizes singing, exploring and playing instruments, moving to the music and using concepts and skills to create, improvise and compose. In Physical World Lab, children are invited to explore science and social studies concepts as they learn to use woodworking tools, investigate simple machines, discover the physics of sound, or create a replica of an imaginary island. In Mandarin, children engage in culturally authentic activities as the context for using language skills as a communication tool and developing a sense of themselves as citizens of a larger world. The technology program at Hanahau‘oli is fully integrated within the classroom program. Our goal as educators is to teach students to be competent consumers of technology and respectful digital world citizens. We support developmentally appropriate and innovative technology changes that help us become better learners. The activities and skills pursued in Physical Education emphasize movement and cooperation as foundations for healthy living while children learn traditional and non-traditional games and sports ranging from flag football and volleyball to creating original games, juggling and choreographing jump rope routines. In its entirety--this robust “whole child” program at Hanahau’oli builds on the Deweyan notion that thinking and doing are connected and satisfaction results from a job well-done using one’s hands, mind, and heart.