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Dialogues: On Our Commitment To Equity

The Hanahauʻoli School Professional Development Center invites you to a series of hosted Dialogues focused on equity, anti-bias, and social justice education.

Dialogues On Our Commitment to Equity

Quarterly meetings will take place on

January 23
April 23
July 9
October 22

4:30-6:00 pm in the Hanahau’oli School Professional Development Center

Gather with fellow educators and explore ways to combat biases amongst children, peers, and in ourselves. Through these ongoing gatherings, participants can hear and share ways to promote justice in our classrooms and our society.

A component of a two-year Social Justice in Education Project offered by Hanahau'oli School and the UH Manoa College of Education, these informal gatherings are offered at no cost. Participants are encouraged to bring a potluck dish to share.

Anti-bias Education Goals:

Identity Each child will demonstrate self-awareness, confidence, family pride, and positive social/group identities

Diversity Each child will express comfort and joy with human diversity, accurate language for human differences, and deep, caring human connections.

Justice Each child will increasingly recognize unfairness (injustice), have language to describe unfairness, and understand that unfairness hurts.

Activism Each child will demonstrate a sense of empowerment and the skills to act, with others or alone, against prejudice and/or discriminatory actions

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