Financial Aid Funds

Hanahau‘oli’s strong commitment to offering financial aid to eligible families stems from the desire to seek able students of varied talents and backgrounds. Maintaining an ethnic and socio-economic diversity amongst the student body is important to Hanahau‘oli as this mirrors the real world in which children live. Contributions to the Louisa Palmer Scholarship Fund, plus income from various named endowed scholarships that have been generously established by individuals and families, go directly to provide financial assistance to families whose children would not otherwise be able to attend Hanahau‘oli.

Tribute Gifts

Hanahau‘oli is grateful to those individuals who give to the school in honor or in memory of friends and relatives. Families may specify how these funds may be used to support areas of the program that their loved ones cared most about. If you provide contact information, Hanahau‘oli will send a note (which does not include gift amounts) advising individuals (or their families) for whom gifts are made of your generosity.

Matching Gifts

Hanahau‘oli benefits when individuals apply to their employer’s matching gift program for a match of their personal donation to the school. Many companies have chosen this avenue of supporting their employees’ philanthropic interests and a simple application may double an individual’s gift to Hanahau‘oli.

Gifts In Kind

Donations of personal property enrich the program, assist teachers and enhance the learning environment in countless ways. Hanahau‘oli provides documentation for gifts so that donors may establish value for their tax purposes.