Professional Development Center

The Professional Development Center (PDC) at Hanahau‘oli offers workshops and coursework about best practices in education with a particular emphasis upon early childhood and the elementary years.  Made possible through an endowment from the Clarence T. C. Ching Foundation, programs include teachers from both public and private schools, joining together to create learning communities that foster 21st century skills.  

Our experienced faculty members join with other community educators to offer:

  • Coursework
  • A demonstration site
  • Curricular materials
  • Mentoring relationships
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The Professional Development Center at Hanahau‘oli aims to promote best practices among community educators and to improve the quality of education for children in Hawaii. Through community partnerships, collaborative arrangements and networking, the Professional Development Center will support the growth of teachers, building upon the expertise and experience of the Hanahau`oli community and other outstanding educational resources.
— PDC Mission Statement

The PDC builds on established relationships with teachers, schools and universities in the community, formalizing Hanahau‘oli’s commitment to serve a public purpose. 

Hanahau‘oli’s experiential program is an example of how literacy, an essential factor in school success, can be developed while promoting critical thinking and collaboration. Hanahau‘oli has served for many years as an on-site observation center for teachers and administrators from Hawaii’s public and public charter schools, along with those from independent schools, seeking to learn more about a progressive approach to education. 

The PDC is a natural outgrowth of the many requests over the years by community educators to visit and observe Hanahau‘oli’s teachers in action and to learn more about project-based learning and their approach to educating children.  

1922 Makiki St., Honolulu, HI 96822

The Program

Hanahau‘oli is equipped to demonstrate developmentally appropriate practice, to mentor beginning and seasoned teachers, and to network with those seeking to add quality to their programs.

The PDC serves as a practicum site for teachers-in-training, promotes educators’ involvement in research and production of curricular materials, offers programs and courses to address community interests and needs, creates networks of teachers for educational dialogue, and promotes best practices among public and independent school teachers.

Opportunities range from one-time workshops to multiple-week institutes with follow-up support, application sessions, and thematic unit development.  All courses can be adapted to individual schools and can be modified to meet the needs of particular students or of school leadership.

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