The May 25th Assembly featured the 6th grade honored orators.  This recognition was based on effort, narrative writing, openness to suggestion, and delivery.  They are:

Nalani Wooten, Thalia and the Gift of Athena

Nina Chang, Hippolyta, and Orpheus and Eurydice

Geoffrey George, Nestor, and Arcus and Callisto

Eryx Awaya, Phryxius, and Jason and the Argonauts

Brody Badham, Theseus, and Echo and Narcissus

Ashly Winkler, Harmonia, Atalanta’s Race

The audience enjoyed hearing each of the honored orators share their magnetic and engaging speaking skills as they retold their stories.  Their practice and preparation were very evident.

There were also two other ways to recognize the 6thgrade Orators.  There were:

Aphetors (one who practices a lot in order to achieve what may seem to be an impossible goal.  The aphetors are:  Alex Dudgeon and Zoe Slentz

Rhapsodes are those recognized who loved and honored the spirit of the story.  The Rhapsodes are: Kea Nakayama and Ari Ito

Our mahalo to Oratory judges, Rick Crum '04 and Kyle Galdeira '97! Congratulations to the entire 6th grade class for a very special Oratory!