Patty the Cat and the New Friend!

Kuikahi Assembly full of fun!

Adapted from the story by Kimberly & James Dean Pete the Cat and the New Guy, Tharie's Birthday Book was the source of inspiration for the whimsical and enjoyable Kuikahi play!

Patty the Cat meets a new friend, Agnes the Platypus!  Along the way, they meet new friends, climbing squirrels, cartwheel kitties, leaping toads, ball-playing turtles, twin dogs doing Jujitsu, Spanish and Chinese-speaking owl cousins.  Agnes gets sad because she says she can't climb, do cartwheels, leap, play ball, do Jujitsu, or speak another language.  Her friend Patty reminds her, "don't be sad, don't be blue.  There is something everyone can do."  Finally, groovy sounds are heard down the street and Agnes started rocking to her own beat!  The entire assembly audience rose to their feet dancing and joining Patty and Agnes!  Everyone was celebrating that there IS something everyone can do!