The magic of 100 -- Happy 100th Day of School

Hau'oli O Ka La
Haneli O Ke Kula
Happy 100th Day of School!

Kukunaokalā's Ka'imi Loa and Kuikahi classes happily showed us their learning of what 100 means.  What better way than to celebrate the 100th day of school!  There was math learning on 100 -- beautiful Octopus drawings with 10 tentacles, each with 10 stickers!  What about 100th Day Hero capes decorated and glittered that showed counting by 10's to 100!  Out in the courtyard were visual examples of their learning, such as what do 100 beads look like?  100 packets of sugar in a jar?  What about 100 robot stickers?  And our lovely school bell -- all 100 of them as the entire assembly audience helped to count to 99 with Hanahau'oli students each holding a numbered school bell from 1 to 99!  We stopped dramatically at 99 as Mrs. Ostrem reminded us that Hanahau'oli this year is 99 years old . . . and then we gleefully shouted "100" as Mrs. G-W held up the school bell with #100 in grand anticipation of the school's Centennial next year.

What a great introduction to the singing of 2 beautiful Centennial songs, composed by music teacher, Mr. Hirokawa, with lyrics by students and alumni.   The children really sang the songs with so much heart and the songs were preceded by Bruno Mars' lively 24K Magic with lyrics just for our school by Mr. Miyamoto!  It was so fun, so inspiring as we gear up for our Centennial celebration next school year!