Reduce, Reuse, Recycle . . . was the slogan and catchphrase for Friday's assembly!  Performers from the Honolulu Theater for Youth came to each us all about opala and to answer the key question, "where does it go?"   Sitting on the stage were 3 trash bins and together we learned that the blue cart items are made into new products; the green cart materials are turned into mulch and compost and the gray cart items are burned to make electricity!  The performers entertained us with songs, games, and skits to educate everyone about the City's curbside recycling program.  

Need a present?  The performers had great ideas how to use old stuff and make them into new stuff!  How about taking a teddy bear, removing the stuffing and make it into a backpack!  We can save an entire forest with one hand!  How?  Simple!  Use a pair of reusable chopsticks! 

We were all made deputy sheriffs of garbage, determined to reduce, reuse and recycle and stop any outlaws in our our our family and help them SORT IT OUT!

We know where to find more information!!

It was a fabulous morning of learning with loads of laughter on the importance of recycling.