Hanahau'oli Camp Songs Assembly

Led by Mr. Miyamoto, Mr. Sataraka, and Mr. Hirokawa, our assembly was transported to Camp Creaky Walka, a team-bonding camp for all ages! We saw what Camp was "like" for Hanahau'oli's faculty and staff over the holiday break through a funny slideshow filled with pictures of activities like: low ropes course trust falls, volleyball, high and climbing wall obstacles, eating contest (won by Ms. Mastui!), and campfire circle and s'mores time.

It was a musical morning as we sang campfire songs with Campers, Marc and Micah such as: Bazooka Bubblegum, Boom Chicka Boom, and On Top of Spaghetti! We also learned a lot about our campers! For instance, Camper Marc wants to be a music teacher when he grows up and his favorite color is orange and Camper Micah likes tools and his favorite color is white! Thank you to Camp Creaky Walka Director, Mr. Sataraka for teaching us all how to be great campers!