Hanahau'oli Sixth Grade Assembly


It’s a grand tradition . . . the 6th graders get to start the beginning of each school year at Camp Mokule‘ia!

At assembly this morning, the 6th graders had such fun sharing their camp experiences that involved recreational and bond building games such as “Toxic Pond,” “Half Pipe” “Centipede,” “Wa‘a” and “Trust Fall,” just to name a few.

Through live demonstrations of games and video, all of us at Assembly were able to “join in the fun” and experience these interactive challenges that promote risk-taking, strategy planning, living creatively, collaborative-thinking, effective communications, trust, and cooperation.  “Saving Kumu” (teacher in Hawaiian) introduced another level of challenge.  “Kumu,” or Mrs. Varney, was symbolized by a big round beach ball that couldn’t be dropped by the students while doing the games!!


We were challenged with the very first game entitled “All Aboard!”  On the Assembly stage was a small blue box.  The goal was to get as many friends as you can to squish together to fit on the small box without having their feet touch the ground. How is this possible?  Talk about creative problem-solving!  Piece of cake! Assembly-goers saw first-hand how our 6th grade students successfully solved this challenge! Amazing!


The “Trust Fall” included the zipper, a series of interlocking arms of several students, paired up and facing one another, arms interlaced and outstretched in front of them.  In this position, all of them prepared to catch their classmate fall into their interlacing arms.  Spotters are assigned to ensure safety.

Spotters are you ready? 
Student communicates “ready to fall.” 
Classmates respond “ready to catch!” 
Student falls safely into the arms of her/his classmates as s/he is bounced down the
intertwined arms.  Light as a feather!

These challenging games truly engaged students to leave their comfort zones, and personally experience and learn the importance of community-building, mutual support, and the value of friendships.