Hanahau'oli School . . . The Flag Assembly

Joyous work begins at flag!

TODAY, we talked and reflected about why flag is such an important tradition at Hanahau'oli.  Our librarian, Ms. Gabby '02, contacted her classmates and asked them what they remembered most about flag.  One friend cheerfully remembered how each school day began with "we shall now salute the flag.  Ready, begin!"  Emma Galdeira '04 reminisced how we all came together as a school with friends.  Another friend shared memories of talking, singing, sharing birthday books, walking with a partner, and having fun seeing everyone -- older and younger.  One of Ms. Gabby's classmates told a funny story of forgetting to put up the flag and once he got it, he accidentally hung it upside down!

The children at Assembly conveyed wonderful sentiments about why flag is so important . Ideas were flowing such as, "we can get together as one big 'ohana," and "it's a nice way to start the day." Mrs. Armstrong enjoyed being outside and seeing special things like the fairy terns. Cappy and Ka'oli's grandmother, Linda Strong '59 shared that they used to recite "Canticle of the Sun" written by St. Francis of Assisi at flag.  Amber '89, daughter of Linda Strong, shared that she likes flag because after a morning of rushing to get to school, it's a time to slow down and be reflective. With Cappy and Ka 'oli, this is 3 generations in one family who have special memories of flag!

Mr. Hirokawa shared 2 special thoughts of the day:

Today may beautiful things happen to you; and
Let us honor this day

Hawaiian thoughts of the day were led by Uncle Blair:


Kūlia I ka nu'u - Strive to reach the top
Pūpu Kahi I Holomua -- Unite to move forward
Ma ka hana ka'ike - In working, one sees


We ended Assembly singing together 3 of Mrs. Ostrem's favorite flag songs: Magic Penny, Make New Friends, and The More We Get Together!


Hooray for flag!