DECEMBER 8, 2017

Joyful Jazzy Jingles by Hanahau'oli's Beginning Band, Concert Band and Wind Ensemble were a treat at our last Friday's Assembly!

Performers from all 3 bands, led by Band Teacher, Ernie Provencher, played beautifully and delighted the audience inspiring the holiday spirit!

Beginning Band . . .  Hot Cross Buns was really hot!  First Flight really took off!  Rolling Along sure did sound like Mary Had a Little Lamb with a wonderful winter holiday spin!

Concert Band . . . your music was lively in Old MacDonald had a Band! Frères Jacques, dormez-vous?  Absolutely not!  Everyone was wide awake listening to your great sounds . . . and the tunes, When the Saints Go Marching In followed by Hard Rock Blues were swinging supported by those steady beats of the percussion players!  The audience was amazed by the beautiful flute solo of Brielle Rousseau playing Aura Lee!

Wind Ensemble . . . the musicianship of the student musicians in performing All Through the Night, Scarborough Fair, Incantation and Ritual and the Holiday Medley were clearly evident. This repertoire was fun and full of musical delights!  And what about that special saxophone player, Mr. Hirokawa joining the wind ensemble!

As Mrs. G-W said, the two best holiday concerts took place right here on campus!  How lucky we all were to hear the children play and be INSTRUMENTAL in creating such wonderful holiday spirit!

Thanks to both Mr. Uehara and Mr. Provencher for their work with the students!