Hanahau'oli Assembly Brings GREAT JOY!

During this holiday season and time for celebration, we all reflect upon things that we wish for. 

Mrs. G-W led a beautiful assembly about great wishes and joys.  She posed to our students, “What do you wish for?”  Hands quickly raised -- “A pet unicorn!”  “I wish snow could be everywhere!” “Headphones!” A car with a castle on top!” “No homework!”  “I want people to stop fighting.”  “I wish for wars to stop.”

Following the sharing by the children, Mrs. G-W read a story entitled Great Joy by Kate DiCamillo. This story inspires students to think even more about wishes.

We learn about Frances, a little girl from New York.  She will be in a holiday pageant at her church and she needs to learn her line in the play. However, her attention is elsewhere. She looks down from her window and sees an organ grinder with his monkey holding a tin cup.  The organ grinder sings songs but they sound sad and far away.

“Where do they go at night?” Frances ponders this and asks her mother.   Frances finds out that they sleep in the street, even when it snows. 

On the morning of the pageant, Frances puts a nickel in the cup and invites the organ grinder with his monkey to her church and to the pageant. 

It was time for the pageant! Frances has her opportunity to say her line but she remained silent. She was so concerned about the organ grinder and the monkey.  Suddenly, the church doors open and the organ grinder and the monkey appeared.  What GREAT JOY!

We wish all our families these special moments sharing kindness, compassion, aloha, and  GREAT JOY!  Happy holidays to all!