Hanahau'oli's Halloween Friday Assembly

Po'e Ka'ahele proudly presents "Harry Porter and the Missing Child!"

Lights! Camera! Action!  Hermione, Ron and Harry are at a party when suddenly . . . everything changes and they are on an adventure.  Will they ever get home?

"Expelliarmus!" Everyone is transported to the magical world of a foggy graveyard filled with infamous souls, zombies, mummies, Mr. Skullington, a mystical forest with lumberjacks, creepy spider sisters, Mama Bear and her 3 cubs, Sherlock and Jaspar Bones, Mutant Owl, Unicorns, rats, cats, the Fluffies with their Tamer and his violin, and, of course, Voldemort who reveals to be Ron's actual mother (hmmm . . . we wonder who played this character?).

At the flick of Hermione's wand, characters Harry, Hermione, and Ron find themselves surrounded in mystical surroundings -- and Ron is whisked away by Zombido and Zombida! Hermione and Harry were determined to find their friend, no matter what it takes!

The PHANTASTIC PLAY was spooky, fun, punctuated with Halloween jokes, singing, rap, and dancing!  

Congratulations to the Po'e class and Po'e teachers, especially Director, Mrs. Porter with the support of Assistant Director, Kamalei.  This was Mrs. Porter's first experience with the Halloween Assembly and she and the entire class did a spooktacular job.  It was acted by the class of 2020 and produced by the class of 2019!  Great job Po'e class, Po'e team teachers, Mrs. Armstrong and Ms. Eldredge, to all the students who were the writers and provided the tech support and program support!  

Happy Halloween to all, our joyful school's special time of year!  Here's to the "orange and . . . black!" . . . at least for now!  Who did the ghost invite to the party?  Anyone he could dig up!  Ha!