Hanahau 'oli's Friday Assembly "Makahiki Gear Up" with Uncle Blair on October 20, 2017


Uncle Blair led a spirited Assembly to “gear up” for Makahiki on November 22, 2017.

He hale lama no Hanahau‘oli
Feeling good with friends at Hanahau‘oli
We welcomed a few 7th graders from Iolani School who joined us at Assembly.  It was great to see them again!  They returned to talk to the 6th graders about 7th grade at Iolani School!

The JK class started the morning with a review of the Hawaiian alphabet with vowels and consonants and singing the Hawaiian Alphabet song!

Ku‘ikahi homegroup Kukunaokalā shared E Ala E “Arise” and waking up the sun!

E ala e, ka lā i ka hikina,
Awaken/Arise, the sun in the east,
I ka moana, ka moana hohonu,
From the ocean, the deep ocean,
Pi‘i ka lewa, ka lewa nu‘u,
Climbing to heaven, the highest heaven,
I ka hikina, aia ka lā, e ala e!
In the east, there is the sun, arise!

Ka‘imi Loa shared a chant that described how the Hawaiians were so attuned and observant of their surroundings, both on land and in the sea.  For example, the chant tells about when the squid comes in, when the breadfruit is ripe, and how the sea urchins move.

The 6th grade class led the ‘oli Lamalama Kū with response, Ki‘e ki‘e no keia that was written by Uncle Blair.  The pane or response closes the chant with:

Kū ka hale lama o Hanahau'oli
 Healing place, place of learning
 Nobody can take away what you learn