Hanahau'oli's Friday the 13th Assembly!

No such thing as bad luck on this day!  We were SO LUCKY to have had some great announcements from the Kare Kids and the Fair, and our 6th grade class enthralled us with their silhouettes!

The Kare Kids shared all the wonderful community service projects they are supporting this school year.  They include helping:

·      Waianae Canine Kokua to help homeless owners of dogs;

·      UNICEF at trick-or-treat to help people get clean water, purchase mosquito nets, and aid refugee children learn and heal;

·      Smile Train to bring smiles to children’s lives with cleft palates so please buy children-made crafts at the Fair to support this effort;

·      Hale Nani to support the elderly.  Kare Kids share their talents on site by telling jokes, doing magic, playing an instrument or doing art activities or crafts with them;

The Kare Kids truly care!  What unbelievable community support and service learning!. . . and unbelievable is the word for the wonderful handmade things that will be sold at the Children’s Fair to support Kare Kids’ projects!  Come get rubber band bracelets, charms, stickers, washi tapes, hand-painted rocks!  The Po‘e classroom is the place to be to support Kare Kids at the Fair!!  See you there!!

This year’s fair is focused on having the children drive many components of the fair!  We got to see hand sewn pillows that will be sold.  There will be a fun photo booth and we hope students and alumni will try out the new Sound Booth in the Art Gallery to share stories and memories!  This Fair will feature “plastic-free” so bring your reusable water containers to get your water fill-ups!! 

Sixth Grade’s “This is the Me in We” focused on the sharing of their individual silhouettes.  Each silhouette was divided into quadrants and each of the 4 quadrants included a symbol that represented: 1). My value(s); 2) My hopes and dreams; 3) My strengths; 4) What helps me get through difficult times.

The silhouettes were amazing in bringing out out the individuality of each student. For strengths, students shared sports, picking up trash in the ocean in Grandma’s back yard, surfing with the hope of getting better, and the Chicago Bulls logo to symbolize the student’s strength of determination, just to name a few!  There was a microphone with a globe given the student's gift of oral expression and his hope to make the world a better place.

There were wonderful hopes and dreams such as having a good life, being a singer, scientist or astronaut, basketball coach.  

Who or what supports you? Family, pets, comic books, music. There was a depiction of a heart with different geometric shapes surrounding the heart symbolizing each person is different in his/her own unique way.

Values?  Peace (written in Japanese), a lion (bravery), tree for steadfastness, humor, flower (kindness).

What a very heartwarming assembly by our caring, thought-provoking children!