Hanahau'oli's Friday Assembly with Uncle Masa!

Uncle Masa pays a visit!  He’s DA ONE!

         Uncle Masa with his daughter, Macie ('17)

Children, teachers and staff were greeted on Friday with a visit from Uncle Masa (aka Marc Miyamoto complete with waxed eyebrows and sporting a great fishing hat).  There was good fun singing songs with Uncle Masa learning about table manners and rhyming with colors:

This is the COLOR song
Come on and sing along

Even if you sing it wrong
Sing it loud and sing it strong
At the end of every line
Say the color that might rhyme
There’s a few you might not know
It gets harder as you go


What rhymes with door hinge?  RIGHT . . . ORANGE!  The children got it right every time!

The Color Song was followed by a fun song singing the names of all the 195 nations in the world in a tempo presto!  Zoe, Subash, and Zane courageously went to the stage and led the Assembly in singing!

It was an Assembly filled with delight!