Our Young Authors -- Joyous Traditions of the Orange and White

As part of 2017-18 Kūlaiwi studies on community with a special focus on the Hanahau‘oli community, the Kulaiwi students decided to study the traditions at Hanahau‘oli School. The young authors described how they loved having a choice to select which tradition they wanted to research. They used resources, visited Archives with Mrs. Ho, interviewed Dr. Peters, parents, and other teachers. Together, they brainstormed how to present the information.

The students came up with diverse ways to share what they learned, e.g., art, fun facts, poetry, and posed questions, such as “should the tradition of assemblies continue or what will the Children’s Fair look like in the future?” The beautiful illustrations by each of the students vividly bring to life their writing!

Finn and Riley made a special presentation to their parents, Ian and Jane Gillespie. Mrs. Gillespie is a publisher and book layout designer. She took all the children’s artwork and text and did the layout design of the book and published the book as well as a donation to the school. The students also acknowledged Mrs. Ho who worked with them in Archives and helped them with their research.

The students hope to keep our traditions alive for the next 100 years!

Special Story and Teacher Promos for Centennial Friday!

Friday Assembly on 9/7/18 was so fun! Following a tradition of starting the new school year with a story, Ms. Woo selected a wonderful book called Three Questions. This was Dr. Peters’ birthday book one year!

The story is about a boy named Nikolai (played by Mr. Prellberg) who wants to be a good person but was not always sure about the best way to act. He asked his friends, Sonya, the heron (read by Mrs. Wong); Gogol, the monkey (read by Mrs. Rosen); and Pushkin, the Dog (played by Mr. Gillespie) 3 questions: What is the best time to do things? Who is the most important one? and What is the right thing to do? Their answers did not seem right to him.

Nikokai’s experiences with Leo, the Turtle (read by Ms. Woo) and Panda (read by Ms. Gabby) helped him discover the answers! Read the book to discover what they are! And Mrs. Galdeira was such a great narrator throughout the story.

This Assembly had a Part II! Everyone is excited about Centennial Friday that will occur on 9/21/18 following the Assembly on the Cooke Family. Students got to hear “promos” from teachers who will be leading the fun sessions in the morning and in the afternoon. The teachers enjoyed creatively presenting their short promos. The students eagerly watched them thinking about their top 3 choices. Out of the 3 sessions, 2 will be selected for each student.

The workshop sessions are diverse and it will be so difficult deciding between choices such as Cooking Fun, Book Skits, Bugs, Rock-n-Chalk, Old-Fashioned Games, EZ Lei-Making, Sign Making/Giving Back, Paint by Numbers, Stomp it up, Forts, and Yarn Bomb, just to name a few!

Tribute to Mrs. Lillian Noda '32 Yajima!

We planned a perfect start to our Centennial Year 2018-2019! Our first assembly was a joyful one featuring our beloved Mrs. Lillian Yajima '32.  Each time she visits us on campus, she inspires and awes us with her vivid stories and special memories of her learning at Hanahau'oli.  She was a student here 92 years ago when she entered our school is 1926! 

The school is so lucky that she frequently comes to school throughout the year! For example, we may see her celebrating Halloween with the children or teaching origami to faculty.  Because she is such valuable resource to the school in a multitude of ways, this Assembly was dedicated to her.  How appropriate she was our special person in Sunshine Chair!  We had the wonderful opportunity to hear her remarkable stories and pay tribute to her.  

She shared her framed wedding invitation and her 25th wedding anniversary announcement.  These were important events in her life and she recounted that she invited then Hanahau'oli principal, Mrs. Louisa Palmer, to her wedding.  She was astonished because not only was each invitation was carefully guarded by Mrs. Palmer but also adorned artistically along the edges with an assortment of hand-cut, tiny flowers.  They were gifted to Mrs. Yajima by Mrs. Palmer to commemorate both events.  Mrs. Yajima described how touched she was with this act of kindness, thoughtfulness, and love.  Mrs. Yajima said, "this is Hanahau'oli."  

Mrs. Yajima also shared 2 key life messages she learned while being a student here:  Always try and girls can do what boys can do!

We showed slides from Archives of Hanahau'oli during the years 1926 - 1932 and we were all pleasantly surprised that we found a photo of Mrs. Yajima wearing kapa and lei!  

As a tribute to Mrs. Yajima and all she does for the school, she was presented with a plaque given with love from the school. The inscription read:

Lillian Noda '32 Yajima
Hanahau'oli School's Centennial Year 1918 - 2018
With deep appreciation of her aloha and dedication

It was a lovely tribute and expression of gratitude to Mrs. Yajima from the entire school. We can look forward to seeing Mrs. Yajima at the Birthday Bash on 9/22/18!