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School Wide Learning Outcomes

Hanahau`oli School seeks to develop an individual who is independent, flexible, perseverant and collaborative. Our graduates show interest in continued learning, value play and challenge themselves.  Hanahau`oli creates an environment in which a child develops a sense of self and others that starts deep within and extends globally.  The Hanahau`oli graduate should,

use learning as a vehicle to promote understanding of self, others and the world
-          reflects about experiences, evaluates progress and
            sets goals
-          strives for individual excellence
-          explores and expands learning beyond the required
-          respects the value of diversity and accepts others
-          communicates effectively with others
-          demonstrates flexibility and willingness to
           compromise when working toward a shared goal
-          begins to understand how the world works
-          develops a beginning understanding of the
            interdependence of humans and their environment 
            and the role he/she plays in it.
-          makes responsible decisions about self, others, 
            community, world

appreciate the arts as well as value and use the creative process
-          explores media for self-expression
-          develops criteria to evaluate and make judgments
-          views mistakes as opportunities; is inventive
-          works effectively when faced with

use creative and critical thinking to solve problems and make responsible decisions
-          develops criteria to evaluate information
-          considers alternative ways of approaching/solving
-          exercises good reasoning when making choices

master academic and technological skills appropriate to age
-          computes, reads, writes and speaks competently and 
-          matches problems, projects with appropriate tech
            tools for optimal success
-          accesses information efficiently and critically and
           uses it accurately and ethically
-          begins to recognize that communication is affected 
            by message, media, sender and receiver. 


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