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Step, step, stepping stones... follow me across the stones!  What a beautiful day to celebrate our 6th graders as they revealed their stepping stones in the courtyard today.  As Mr. Shin prepared to release his homing pigeons, Mrs. G-W took the opportunity to convey that as they get ready to take flight, Hanahau’oli School will always be a home for them to return to.


Today students, friends and family were entertained with a morning spring concert, by the Hanahau’oli School Band directed by Mr. Ernie Provencher.  London Bridge, Ezekiel Saw the Wheel and La Cucaracha were just a few of the melodies enjoyed by all. Mr. P recognized four 6th Graders - Emma Adams, Cade Blake, Tamzen Lim and Jazz Priester for their participation. 


The 6th Grade presented The Adventures of Bobby Hubert on April 12.  The pop culture inspired music was composed by the students after studying chord structure, genre, and timbre in music class.  The upbeat melodies and whimsical lyrics delighted the audience.

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